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Name GTA 5
Publisher Rockstar Games
Genre Games
Size 2.8 GB
Version 2.00
Update May 28, 2024
Mod Features Port PC to Android
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Today we are here again with a new Rockstar Games GTA 5 game which got most of its copies sold game in a single day. So this is the third most loved open-world game production of the Rockstar Games.

Besides this, it is also an intelligent game aimed at Modern American reality. Nowadays if anyone knows games, they also experienced GTA FIVE once. It’s the newest game of the Rockstar Games GTA series till today, and it won’t go old even at the time when life ends.

It’s an enormous creation of modern gaming technology that supports local gaming as well as online gaming. Today everyone wants to play online games where they can join their friends and chill in the whole game.


They love games like battle royale, online strategical games, online board games, and much more but GTA 5 is a single open-world online game in which you can meet other people in the game, make friends, do some missions together, and much more, that’s what GTA V is doing in the gaming market.

About GTA 5 game

GTA V is one of the topmost productions of Rockstar north. It was the most wanted game of the population since it was the first full HD, realistic open-world action-adventure game.

Even it broke the sales record of nearly every single entertainment or entire gaming industry since they sold about 1.57 million copies of GTA V around the world which is worth about 800 million dollars and became the quickest-selling gaming product in history. It also was awarded by the game of the year.

GTA 5 Game Screenshot

Also, if we talk about the audio quality of this game, it’s damn awesome since the car driving sound, in-game SFX, car radio sounds, and much more.

In the game, there are 22 radio stations for a lot of entertainment, and even if you’re playing this online, you will get 21 active stations of each country and one custom station modified by the player for playing the songs from your file manager in the game.

If we talk about game genre and niche, then this is an open-world action-adventure game same as Vice City and GTA San Andreas. This game was first supported on PC and some consoles like X-BOX 360 and Play station 3. But now it can run in about every console as well as a mobile phone.

GTA 5 Game Screenshot 1

The main advantage which made this game most beloved is its high graphic quality which can make anyone to be attracted to it. May be possible you won’t get such high graphics as a console in the game since you are playing on a Mobile phone so it will depend on the specifications, but this game will refresh your mind.

So read the whole article about downloading, installing, and storyline of the game and must download GTA 5 Game + OBB with GTA 5 and get a lot of entertainment with this game.

The storyline of GTA V

It’s an open-world game, with actually having three main characters named Michael Townley, Trevor Philips, and Brad Snider partake who conclusively collaborate, and cause a lot of crimes collectively.

Michael Townley lives with his wife and children in Los Santos after nine years of imprisonment and still, lives under witness protection.

GTA 5 Game Screenshot 2

Franklin is smarter than the world thinks about him and Trevor is insane, he is just like a pervert an addict, or a sociopath. Together they meet in Los Santos to undertake huge heists and rampages across the whole city.


GTA 5 is a little the same as the official game, but having some separate cool features makes it different. As you all know about the meaning of MOD, so yes the modified game by our team for giving you, even more, relaxation and more joy in playing the game.

GTA 5 Game Screenshot 3

We have transformed this game just like even a 5th-grade guy will enjoy playing it and will play it damn easily. So as we’ve already discussed a lot of its features, let us review the most impressive features-

An Awesome Control

Every game depends a lot on its control basis and structure. Without easily accessible and user-friendly controls, no one can appreciate the game.

Playing the game is not a single use of the game. In actuality, virtual games are for entertainment, enjoyment, being happy, healing stress, and a lot more, it’s not just for playing.

If we talk about GTA V controls, its controls are user-friendly and in such a manner that anyone can play this game comfortably. You can also change the on-screen controls easily in-game settings if you want to play with three or four fingers at the same time. If your phone is compatible with any wired or wireless gamepad, so you can also use it to play this game.

HD Graphics

Graphics is also the most significant feature of this game since there isn’t a single high graphics open-world game ever created like GTA V. Every open-world game, GTA San Andreas, GTA Vice City, and GTA IV had only a single fault which was graphics.

GTA 5 Game Screenshot 4

Graphics make things real looking. Whenever you play GTA 5, you will fall in love with it, since all the characters, designs, vehicles, and even the whole city look real in this game.

Wide Range of weapons

An open-world game is created for doing fun in the city, bothering everyone roaming around the city, giving trouble to the police, and everything that you can’t do in real life. So for making that all fun happen, weapons are the most significant assets.

GTA 5 provides you with a wide range of weapons. GTA V grants you up to 45 weapons which are even more than any shooting game. From these 45 weapons, in the game, while getting them through missions or cheats, you will only earn up to 30 weaponry, the remaining 15 weapons you will receive by online downloadable content.

A lot of interesting missions

It is impossible for making a game without a story, and missions are the elements of the game character’s story. So designing a game is the work of missions.

If we talk about missions in GTA V, this game is a mixture of 69 story missions and a lot of side missions. Also, if you are playing the game online, you will get social missions as well as a few more side missions. So you won’t ever get bored by playing this game vigorously.

Big City

GTA V map is based on a fictional city Los Santos a little like Los Angeles and other California shore towns. The map size is three times larger than the GTA Sanandras map and about 7.2 times larger than GTA IV (The last game published by Rockstar games before GTA V). So in this game, it will take a lot of time to roam in each part of the city, it would be fun since you won’t get bored of playing this game.

Skipping Missions

Skipping Missions is everyone’s most favorite feature of GTA 5 since if any mission is too hard to complete, you can skip it after trying two to three times. Whenever you tried it a lot of times, an option will arise which will ask you to skip the mission so you can click on that and jump to the next part.

How to Install GTA 5 app on Android?

Installing this game is so much easy the same as you installing all other games. You have to understand some moves here to fix it-

Step 1 – Click on the link below tagged as GTA 5 APK + OBB and you will get redirected to the download page.

Step 2 – Download the file and application from that page.

Step 3 – If you haven’t turned on the install from Unknown sources option, then proceed on settings>applications>Unknown sources and turn it on.

Unknown Sources

Step 4 – Open the file manager then proceed to the download folder and install GTA 5 APK.

Step 5 – After completing the installation, copy the data file to the OBB subfolder in the Android folder.

Step 6 – Open and enjoy the game.


This article has absolute knowledge about GTA 5 APK. So you can take whole info about downloading, installing, features of GTA V, and also the story of the game in short. Additionally, it’ll be a simply installable game with both available MOD + OBB File.

As per our team research, the apps and games we post won’t harm your device in any way. These apps and games are damn secure. So Download GTA Five App right now and enjoy the PC Game on your android device exclusively through our website.

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