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Among Us MOD APK v2024.3.5 Latest 2024 [All Unlocked]

File Name
Among Us
Innersloth LLC
Compatible with
6.0 and up
MOD Features
All Unlocked
Updated on
Mar 12, 2024

Have you found the impostor? Nope, try this modified version of Among Us MOD APK and get access to most premium stuff without paying!

Who is the impostor among us? We’ve been asked this question for the last two years, and it’s all because of this newest technological Android game.

After getting bored from the Battle Royale gaming and those candy-swapping kiddo games, we finally have got the latest gaming technology, where all we have is to make a crew and find the impostor among us. But do you know about the Among Us?

It sounds cool, right? Among Us now have filled most of the global discord servers. Myriad friends enjoy this game daily, completing tasks, finding impostors, and enjoying those small animated characters.

Moreover, the colors, graphics, and interface of Among Us are so gorgeous that it takes our attention at the very first moment of seeing snapshots of this game.

But after playing it, I found it damn hard to unlock those skins and pets, and they’re asking for the real bucks to purchase some premium skins and pets.

Later, I got a new version of Among Us, named Among Us MOD APK. Probably you’ve heard of it, or if not, this article is going to change your gaming life with the fantastic features inside this Among Us game. Please read it enthusiastically –

Among Us MOD APK

What is Among Us?

If we talk about the top 10 downloaded, funny, or strategical games, Among Us can be gained on that list between the first five. This game literally has stolen colossal gamer’s hearts and created a different cult that most of the guys these days are even wearing the Among Us merch as Tees, Trackpants, and wristbands.

Let’s keep it to the other side and talk about the game first. So basically, Among Us is a strategic game, initialized with the ten total players in the game, or whatever number you’re good with, above 4.

Among all these teammates, the protocol chooses some imposters, and later the crewmates have to comprehend who’s the imposter among them before they get killed by them.

It sounds a little complex at first, but after playing at least 3 to 5 rounds of this game, you’ll understand it entirely and fall in love with it, including the characters, modes, maps, skins, and all the beautiful things.

Moreover, if you want to start the game with all the fantastic features and zero struggle, you can try the MOD alternative acknowledged below with all its features.

What is Among Us MOD APK?

Among Us, MOD APK is the altered version of the Among Us with some changed codes executing the free premium items for you. You can’t hide that you love having all those skins available within the Among Us interface and all the lovely pets. But it’s hard to afford all of them, as the game is as premium as hell.

Among Us MOD

After hustling a lot, some enthusiastic game developers developed this modified version of Among Us to make our lives easier and more premium.

Now, you won’t need to pay a single buck to enjoy the beautiful skins, pets, expressions, and colors within the game, as you can elsewhere download the modified version.

Additionally, Among Us MOD APK travels with a massive node of features within it, and it’s consequently hard to provide you with detailed paragraphs about each feature of the game. But don’t worry, we’ve found the most aspired elements within the list and delivered them in the below section –


Playing futuristic games is all we love these days, and Among Us MOD is one among them all. It contains so many professional privileges, and we’ve listed most of them below –

All skins unlocked

We all love all the adorable skins, including the hats, colors, custom outfits, tees, and pants inside the Among Us Android game. But it can’t help us that way, as we can’t get any of those skins without paying them money.

That’s why the first feature with the Among Us MOD APK is all unlocked skins. You will see hundreds of skins, including all above genres, ultimately free, without a single interruption.

All pets unlocked

We know what just flickered in your mind after hearing about all skins unlocked, those cutest pets, right? There are many of them inside the game, like the caterpillar alien, macro crewmate, dog, robot, and UFO, but again, they are all premium.

In-game payment things hurt a lot, but after having the modified version, you can enjoy all those pets for free. There is no need to pay a single dollar to Among Us servers, and you can still enjoy them all freely.

No rooting needed

Have you seen hundreds of modified versions developed for the Among Us Android game, and consequently, all of them are asking you to root your phone? If that’s the truth, please never get inside their bait.

Elsewhere, give a healthy try to Among Us game. This modified version ensures you all the same features that other modifications offer with no root access. We won’t call you to root your phone, as rooting offers privileges and disadvantages. So stop being trapped, and download Among Us MOD APK today!

Coolest maps

So the following privilege is, again within the game interface, the most fabulous maps. However, we can’t call it the modified feature because the same maps exist inside the official Among Us version.

But the maps inside the game are worth posting as a feature, which is why this section is here. The game offers you four unique maps, The Skeld, MIRA HQ, Polus, and the Airship. Finally, it’s time to get drowned in the long gaming sessions.


Making dreams and aspirations real is our work, and that’s why we’ve been within this genre for years. Among Us MOD APK is 100% trustworthy and capable of confirming all your aspirations with the same server, interface, and graphics.

Now you can wisely choose between the official version and the Among Us game and choose the best thing!

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  1. Before installing the MOD version, search Among Us on Google Play.
  2. Click install.
  3. After the process has reached 5%, cancel.
  4. Install Among Us MOD.


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