v4.2.2 by Android Tools 4U Verified

Name Grad KWGT
Publisher Android Tools 4U
Genre Utilities
Size 69 MB
Version 4.2.2
Update May 28, 2024
Mod Features Paid for Free
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We take care of almost everything on our smartphone’s premises, comprising the security, privacy, cache, as well as the file management. But there is one thing we mostly don’t care about and which can always throw a bigger influence on our vibes. We’re here talking about smartphone wallpapers, where there is an 80% probability that you didn’t change your phone’s wallpaper from the last few months, or even from the day you bought this device.

Although, the major reason is that we don’t want those system wallpapers that look so official and similar colored with the absurd overview. We want the aesthetic colors and backgrounds to be set as Wallpaper for having a clear view of all the apps with their texts, and the ones which look differently amazing in both Light mode and Dark Mode. That’s why we need the Grad KWGT installed on our Android phones.

It’s an application software that provides you with more than 50 amazing wallpapers as well as the widgets which will help you in managing your smartphone’s tasks more conveniently. There are many features of this app, but our reason for offering you the modified version is different. In the article below, you can know everything about this app, except for the Wallpaper overview as that’s a secret we left for you to be surprised after installing this amazing app.


What’s Grad KWGT App for?

Grad KWGT is basically an app created by the Android Tools 4U developer, which is so trending these days in terms of the digital creator with wallpaper and widget designs for both Android and iOS apps. This developer has created some most ranking android apps with the 5-star ratings and the best user reviews, but the problem here is they all are paid. You will have to pay some one-time amount if you want to use all the fabulous widgets and wallpapers designed.


But tell me what’s impossible with technology? Nothing, right? Grad KWGT is for delivering you the same app without you paying that amount, not even for one time. It’s an app with the same user interface and the exact number of available widgets and wallpapers, but now without any payment. In this guide, we’ll tell you in-depth information about this android app and will also deliver you a download link that you can use for downloading it.

Moreover, you may have to disable Google Play Protect for installing this app on your smartphone as it’s a paid android app, where Google can show some confluences. Don’t worry as it’s just a simple procedure required to disable that thing, and you can make that happen by going through the Play Store > Profile button > Play Protect > Settings button and finally disable the toggle. Afterward, you can install the app on any android smartphone to change its interior.


Android apps that contain the personalization options are most featured as they are the content providers. You can use their content or stuff to make your smartphone look more amazing than how it looks right now. The Grad KWGT MOD also contains a plethora of features as well as a bunch of widgets and wallpapers. Time to know eternally about all the features offered by the app as listed below.

90 Fantastic Widgets


Android widgets provide the users with instant access to all the important information about the phone, apps, and they can also be used for functionality like adjusting volume, changing music track, seeing calendar events, finding weather, etc. The Grad KWGT will allow you to use more than 90 useful widgets and they all are free to apply on your phone’s home screen. Try most of them as per your requirement and tell us your experience in the comments.

85 Beautiful Wallpapers


Widgets aren’t the only important things or personalization items presented by the Grad KWGT application, as there is one more thing you would care about; Wallpapers. There are 85 beautiful wallpapers that you can instantly download and use on your phone’s screen to make it look cozier with those widgets. Moreover, there are some wallpapers which are designed to be perfectly matching with some widgets, and you’d know them soon.

Frequent Updates


The app developer who’s creating all these personalization apps is a newbie and he’s trying to change the complete genre of personalization. Till the current moment, he created more than 6 different apps based on widgets and the wallpapers. For that case, we can say that he’ll also support all the app users with the frequent updates as he said in the Play Store description. So it’s not just what you’re getting on the app interface. There would be some newer widgets soon.

Convenient Installation


Grad KWGT is a small android app which won’t hold more than 20 megabytes of your phone’s storage and still will provide you with more than 200 personalization items, including widgets and wallpapers stored in the cloud. Once you download the app file from the link below, it’d be easier to install it on your smartphone and you can do that in just a few moments. Just the default APK installation process, and you’re onboard with those astonishing features.

Developer Support


No matter wherever you are or whichever smartphone you’re using, the developer is providing you with the vast developer support. If you need any clarification related to lack of features, crashes on app, or failures on installation of widgets, you can get to the app’s support option and mail the developer. He’ll soon reply to your mail with troubleshoots as well as solutions to your problems. You won’t be talking to an AI chat again with support after a long duration.

Pro Key Unlocked


Basically, the Grad KWGT and all such android applications developed by the same developer are ultimately secure with the Pro key feature. In simple words, even if a modified version is being used, you need an additional key to unlock those internal premium stuff. But our developers have broken this lock and unlocked the Pro Key feature. Now you don’t need any Pro key, and similarly, no need for payment for all the fabulous items available in that app.

Requirements to install Grad KWGT on Android

Grad KWGT is there to enhance the user experience by diminishing the requirement of complex navigation procedures and tough measures of reading weather updates. That’s why the app developers didn’t go so far with the requirements. You can download and install this app simply if you have got a smartphone with the below few requirements:

Operating SystemAndroid
OS Version5.0 and Above
Required PermissionsStorage, Set Wallpaper, etc.

Download latest version of Grad KWGT MOD APK for Android

Grad KWGT MOD APK is a reliable app to be installed if you want the widgets on your phone’s home screen. If you want to make the essential information like Weather, News, calendar events, or functionality such as Torch, Music Adjustment, and Volume Adjustment at your fingertips, this app will help you far more conveniently than the other competitors.

Moreover, whenever the app will add newer version updates as it’s a paid for free app. You can get to the same website where you’re currently to get that newer version with the newer features, and unique widgets.

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