Yoga for Weight Loss

Yoga for Weight Loss

v2.8.8 by mEL Studio Verified

Name Yoga for Weight Loss
Publisher mEL Studio
Genre Health & Fitness
Size 23.8 MB
Version 2.8.8
Update May 28, 2024
Mod Features Premium Unlocked
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Initializing this thing in the name of Sage Maharshi Patanjali who actually originated practicing the pre-vedic period Yoga and because of whom, we’re still having the best ways of losing weight, being relaxed, as well as meditating. Yoga should be an important part of our whole day, and it should be done on the origination of every day, which is in the morning. But the problem is that we don’t know the actual way of doing Yoga that we can now learn with an android app.

Android apps are best at doing many things, if it’s something related to productivity, designing, gameplay, entertainment, playing videos, or even doing Yoga. There are some android apps related to weight loss and Yoga. You should use their practices as they are superficial and reviewed by tremendous last users for being super helpful. We’re right now talking about the Yoga for Weight Loss.

This one is the modified app version, which contains some additional or premium Yoga systems that sounds locked in the official app until you pay for them. While using this version, you should not have to pay money and still you can learn those techniques with the animations and video procedures, easier to learn. As well as you can also make the feeds about your last Yoga period for having the statistics at the end of the day, week, and month.

Yoga for Weight Loss MOD APK

What’s Yoga for Weight Loss App for?

Having a proper look on both health and body automatically encourages your mind to do the best things and somebody has said that once your tummy is inside and you’re ultimately fit, it becomes easier to listen to the conscious mind. Initially, it’d be hard to think of these things legit as we think our mind is connected with everything, but the body can’t regulate. Let me tell you that your health can prioritize procedures and your mind is just giving it those rules and overview.

Yoga for Weight Loss MOD

Before mind, if you are working on strengthening your body, it’d be so helpful and Yoga for Weight Loss APK would help you at its best. It has more than 100 ways of doing Yoga, and we recommend you to do these procedures daily in the morning. Even if you can’t take some time out from your morning slots, you need to be disciplined with the time sessions because choosing one of them and being the same every day would make you see fast changes.

There are millions of other users who are already using this app on their Android phones and paying a lot of monthly or annual subscription charges. This membership unlocks the premium Yoga procedures and makes you capable of viewing the statistics in real time. But you are the privileged one and getting the modded version for absolutely free. Within that version, you will get everything premium unlocked for free, and you just need to install it instantaneously.


Do you know how radical changes yoga can do to your body once you get connected to it and do it daily? Maybe not, and that’s why you’re lacking the fundamentals of daily Yoga. We know very well about some of those procedures, but it’s possible that what we’re doing isn’t in the most perfect form. That can be a reason for seeing almost no differences yet after doing this from a longer term. Don’t worry, today’s app will offer you below features to make that perfect.

Multiple Destinations

Yoga for Weight Loss MOD APK S6

Yoga can be done for various future destinations you have in mind. Maybe you want to lose weight, gain some extra weight, work on regenerating muscles, or try to become as healthy as you can. Whatever is your destination, you first need to choose among 6+ destinations and then the app starts taking important details to make you the best version of yourself. The AI subordinates work to create a different path to get you to your favored destination.

Choose from Level

Yoga for Weight Loss MOD APK S1

There are different levels of Yoga available to get started with, before you go on using this application. Basically, we have seen the Beginner, Intermediate, and Hardcore methods, but here the levels are more simplified. You can choose what level you’re on and where you can start to go ahead with the ultimate speed and become the best version as you want. Reach the ultimate level with working all those Yoga tactics and we’ll meet soon again.

Work on fed details

Yoga for Weight Loss MOD APK S2

We think of the Yoga for Weight Loss being a more genuine service, as it first allows you to feed some of your current details. You need to enter your weight, height, body shape, and your goals. Using the same data that users feed, they create an ultimate course which they can daily go through and get their goals. We already have tried feeding different details and the app always created different plans to show us its realism and genuineness.

Timely Reminders

Yoga for Weight Loss MOD APK S3

You get busy sometimes at the time of your workout or Yoga sessions, and is that being the biggest problem to you reaching your goal? That can be solved through the timely reminders of the modified app we have for you. You can set these reminders on your ease and for the time that you want to proceed for these activities. Moreover, it can also snooze with a button if someday you’re damn busy and can’t be freed till a particular time.

Animation Learning

Yoga for Weight Loss MOD APK S4

Short Videos had turned the simplicity of learning to a most tangible way. Now it looks so easy to learn the hardest things because we don’t have to learn the 200 paged books for knowing and rehearsing the newer skills. Keeping that in mind, this app has the best animation techniques for their Yoga freaks, so that they can learn from those 10-20 second Yoga animations and make that sound super-efficient.

Timely Statistics

Yoga for Weight Loss MOD APK S5

You can only become the best version of yourself. You are never too late as we’re all running in our own races, where most of the things are pre decided and some steps we have to take on our own. But becoming the best version requires some historical statistics to have a comparison and motivation. This made the app developers add a Statistics program, where you can check monthly and weekly stats about the time you’re giving to Yoga and how better you’re doing.

Download latest version of Yoga for Weight Loss modded for Android

We all need to give at least an hour of our daily time to our health and body. This is at least time, and you can structure it in your own format with the Yoga for Weight Loss MOD APK. It’ll ask you the daily time that you can put in Yoga, and then will structure a premium program based on your style and goals. No need to hurry and do other things, as being repetitive in the same procedure can make your goal come closer to you more instantly. One day, it’ll happen!

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