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Komoot MOD APK v2023.50.2 Latest 2024 [Premium Unlocked]

File Name
Komoot MOD
Package Name
komoot GmbH
Compatible with
5.0 and up
MOD Features
Premium Unlocked
Updated on
Feb 8, 2024

Download the latest version of Komoot MOD APK and explore new trails with this hiking app. The maps are created by locals, who share their insight and experience so that you can truly enjoy the outdoors. The app also comes with a premium unlocked feature that lets you import offline maps to your device for up to three weeks.

Being a unique or triathlete won’t gift you the most in your life until you’d work with a disciplined procedure. Everything first requires unperturbed discipline and the same thing lacks when we cycle a lot but get no enthusiastic effect on mindset and fitness. Fitness Freaks can’t deal with such a scarcity and that’s where the best use of our free modified Android cycling app comes.

If you’re a fitness freak, and wandering for the best sport filled with enthusiasm, courage, and traveling, there is nothing like Cycling. People always think of cycling as a simple fitness exercise where they’re supposed to get from home to wander the city streets. But things would become more adorable when you’d conversely start enjoying your cycling rides using this amazing software named Komoot.

Komoot is designed with zero slack of annoyance and allows you to discover the best cycling paths near you to enjoy with your friends. If you and all your friends are finding these enthusiastic cycling routes on Google Maps, stop doing that and download this application. This exceptional modified version delivers you a free premium app version with all the unlocked routes and more exceptional features.

Komoot MOD APK

About Komoot App

Komoot is a cycling app, but not like all the other simplistic software. Apart from providing you with a detailed understanding of freestyle and other techniques, Komoot works on creating an enthusiastic cycling ecosystem with amazing vibes. It delivers you a worldwide map with the most enthusiastic cycling maps marked on the way. Making you capable of knowing the best tracks is all required to make a most enthusiastic cycling trip.

When you’d find a cycling app on the Google Play Store, Komoot would be one of the top 10 apps as it got rated more than 4.2-star rating with millions of app downloads. It assures that there are millions of cyclists wandering the world to find the most exceptional places and intensify your cycling. Do you want to join their community and start exploring such wondrous places?

If you’re sure about it, first you need a premium Komoot subscription plan. It’s an annual plan costing 1600 INR for unlocking a world pack, including the best-discovered places and some additional premium features. Most of us have used so many premium plans and don’t want our best to invest money anymore. That way, you can go for the free premium below –

What is Komoot MOD APK?

Free Premium was what we discussed above with the foremost courage and confidence, and that was utter because of the availability. Yeah, the cycling app that you found on the internet with the most advantageous app interface and coolest discoveries is going to be free with the modified version, Komoot MOD APK. That’s not a dream as you can pinch yourself instantly and get to this amazing modified version with an unlocked premium!

Komoot MOD

It is ultimately designed after getting many comments from the bicycle riders. There are tremendous students and professionals in requirement of the best cycling routes to intensify their cycling vibes, but can’t afford the costly premium plans of Komoot. For all those guys, we’re providing here the modified version absolutely free which is merely linked with the already enabled premium subscription.

Your finding can now be over and the exploring gets started by advancing a single click on the below link and download it. Got goosebumps, right? Time to get more of them by understanding all the features you’re ready to get within the mod version.


Discovering the best track is the most intense dream in every cyclist’s brain, and it will make it possible using the free premium subscription. But the movie doesn’t end yet, as there are way more features than the official app present in modification as listed below –

Discover best places

The first advantageous reality of this impressive app is eternal discovery. We tried this app from India to the United States to Russia to China to Japan and found the most adventurous cycling routes unmentioned on Google Maps.

Google Maps isn’t for the cyclists, as all you need this modified version. It’d make you confront the most daring and beautiful cycling tracks that you have never enjoyed in your whole life.

Record Tours

Cycling isn’t just about traveling, wandering places, and doing fun. It also discloses a curious responsibility, i.e., FITNESS. If you’re using this app as a fitness freak, we’ve got something great for you!

The free Record Tours feature enabled inside the Komoot MOD APK lets you record all your trips as per your phone’s GPS. It lastly delivers you the whole statistics about your cycling, like speed, endurance, and time to help you maximize your fitness.

Worldwide Maps

Have you ever seen or used an Android app that can help you discover all the best tracks, not just in your hometown or country, but the eternal globe? Nope, right?

Finally, you’re going to conquer this dream using the free app. It’s a worldwide map-included app that won’t just consist of your nearby tracks, but influentially adventurous tracks all over the world.

Voice Navigations

Now you must be murmuring in your mind that Google Maps still include the best facility to navigate turns and distance using voice effects, so why use this navigation app, right?

We won’t answer that question, as the app originally delivers the answer, i.e., in-built AI voice navigation support. It’s one of the premium advancements of Komoot which you get for absolutely free inside the modified version.

Offline Functionality

We tripped the best routes while cycling, and conquered the Himalayas, Kathmandu, Sikkim, Iceland, and Africa, even without having a proper internet connection on phone. You must be thinking HOW?

The eternal credit goes to this fascinating application. This adventurous app includes free offline functionality, where you can download maps while having an online connection and use them smartly while scarce internet.

Final Verdict

Those who assumed cycling was all about fitness before 5 minutes would make Cycling their primary hobby as that’s the magic of Komoot MOD APK. We ride a lot and enjoy the most beautiful nature journey every day using the discovery tab of this futuristic Android app, and you can own this too by clicking the above download button. Let’s take a step toward making Cycling a hobby more than fitness expertise!

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