Planner 5D: Home Design, Decor

Planner 5D: Home Design, Decor

v2.9.3 by Planner 5D Verified

Name Planner 5D: Home Design, Decor
Publisher Planner 5D
Genre Art & Design
Size 206 MB
Version 2.9.3
Update May 30, 2024
Mod Features Unlocked All Content
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We’ve seen this planet closely from the only brick houses to the most adorably designed dream houses, but these days people are getting diverted toward interior design.

Finally, we came to know that interior designing is as important as exterior house designing and painting. Consequently, you’re about to get handed a remarkable software named Planner 5D for 5D interior designing.

If 3D sound HD graphics and 4D sounds FHD graphics, 5D interior planning would sound like ultra-realistic quality.

After using this Android software and designing the most beautiful interior for your offices, houses, bedrooms, and kitchens, you probably won’t need to pay for an interior designing professional.

If you require a classic look, but accordingly to your dreams, the Planner 5D app includes all your required tools.

It’s a resourceful android app where you get hundreds of property interior presets to choose your favorite one and use differently designed resources like chairs, tables, sofas, and beds to intensify their beauty.

But still, the app requires money, and they get it using a premium recurring subscription plan known as Planner 5D premium, including free access to thousands of resources and HD snapshots. Get that all free!

Planner 5D MOD APK

What is Planner 5D APK?

Can you even imagine software that can help you in planning your house’s overall interior design, simpler than having a professional? That’s unthinkable, but can become reality with the Planner 5D App.

This app comes for both Android and iOS smartphones, where it’s rated with more than 4.2 stars and downloaded by more than millions of guys.

Moreover, the app was also got awarded by hundreds of the best interior design companies.

In simple words, you can trust Planner 5D to re-join all your desired resources and create new designs for all your in-home rooms.

It offers you a categorized app interface with 5 different tiles for the Homepage, Recent Projects, Contests, Gallery, and your profile.

You can navigate to any page instantaneously and complete all the required deeds, even if you’re a beginner or a professional.

Learning comes with experience, no matter if it’s yours or others’! That’s why the 5D Planner app includes a giant library of thousands of designs created by hundreds of 5D Planner app users.

You can take a look at these designs, download them, or also can share these designs with any of your contacts to take a third-person view of your dream style.

Additionally, we’re also offering you a free modified version below with more privileges.

What is Planner 5D?

Interior designing plans with the 5D app interface won’t only embed your lifestyle with the best designs, but would also mix your creativity with unbeatable confidence.

Later, you can tell all your friends and family members that you were the one who created all those designs that renovated your home. But nothing goes that easy, right?

Planner 5D MOD

Complexities would always be there while using the official Planner 5D app interface. What if you’d modify your overall interior design with the modified app version? That sounds simple, right?

Fundamentally, Planner 5D offers its important services as premium ones and inscribes them all within the premium recurring app plans.

This thing stuck you with two different choices, including one to pay for these privileges, or download a free modification and get that all for free.

Don’t wait to grab the next choice as instant as possible! This decision would exceptionally impact your interior creativity, and you’d start creating the most wondrous designs ever designed.


Being a modified app version, it includes an immense number of features that you can beside only find on the premium subscription plan of Planner 5D. Get completely acknowledged by them using the below-listed feature guide.

Get FHD Snapshots

We’re best at creativity, but still, we need third personal views on our designs from our parents, friends, and siblings so that we won’t keep any mistakes in the designs.

Download infinite 5D snapshots of all your designs to share instantly through WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media service and get more affirmations for your dream designs.

Enormous Styles

Having a preset style shortens most of the human struggle, and subsequently, the altered version includes enormous styles, presets, resources, furniture parts, and accessories to gather within the app interface and take an objective view.

All your creative thoughts would now get a way to fly from your mind and get to reality with the free modified version. Choose among your favorite styles and make interior designing handy.

Enjoy Global Gallery

You are forgetting something; the Interior Gallery. While working with the official Planner 5D app, you’d find the Gallery section relatively locked, as you can’t get the categorized filters within their interface.

But after downloading and installing the modified version, you’d find it damn simple as the Gallery section would start working with the Filters segment, and you’d get more designs listed than the last official app view.

5D Designing

5D Designing can also be known as realistic interior design. Designers use the biggest software such as AutoCAD, which is damn difficult to be installed and the costliest to be purchased for creating the best interiors.

You can play smartly here as the app is a free android app with way more features than the PC software, and a 5D Designing interface. You won’t get this feature anywhere else to give the design the real colors and feel with the 5D overview.

Virtual Reality Maps

Lastly, we have something most beautiful for you; a feature that you can use to look at all your designed creative ideals realistically. Yeah, I’m talking about the usage of the VR boxes.

Planner 5D is compatible with all the VR Boxes which you can install on your phone and can take a complete overview of your creations like you are already there.


We only need to give our ideas a realistic view faster than we forget them. That’s an important thing, and you’d get access to this view about your minded interior designs using the Planner 5D MOD APK.

You can download this app on any Android smartphone working above Android 5.0 and get unlocked all content. Moreover, create world-class designs to either renovate your home, build a new home, or win online contests based on your creativity.

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