Best WhatsApp Mods For Android In 2022

The most famous application for messaging, calls, and video chats, in the world right now on the Play Store and the Apple App Store, is definitely WhatsApp. Due to this popularity, WhatsApp has earned the reputation of being the most secure messaging app, from many developers.

This is why people love to use WhatsApp, and it explains why there are so many tweaks and mods available for this app. Although WhatsApp is loved by many people, there are so many restrictions on WhatsApp that sometimes take away all the fun from it.

From making only a certain number of people eligible to form a group to deleting messages and status privacy concerns, many things make WhatsApp very strict. This is why there are so many modes available on the internet for WhatsApp, that you can get thousands of them, by a simple search on Google.

WhatsApp is all about privacy, and it is the fundamental part of the app, which makes people lose their trust in mods and tweaks. In this article, you would find the top 5 best WhatsApp Mods. They are chosen carefully based on the extra options it has, such as reading deleted messages, and the level of perks of WhatsApp, which is privacy. 

Top 5 Best WhatsApp MODs For Android

1. GBWhatsApp

Everyone knows about GBWhatsApp. There is that one strange friend in every group that has this, and they have almost convinced you that you should try it out too.

They are right after all because if you do not get convinced by the level of optimizations, change in wallpaper settings, advanced privacy options, developer modes, and the ability to send files over 90 MB files, then you won’t be convinced at all. It was developed by team TB, the leading reformers in Hacks and mods. You can hide your online status, and typing status, permanently keep it at typing and change it to offline forever. 

2. WhatsApp Plus

Apart from the millions of people that use this app, it is basically the same as WhatsApp, but with some plus features. It is one of the best-tweaked mods out there, and it is considered to have so many other functions that WhatsApp doesn’t even have.

Usually, the functions are just tweaked or modded, but here you can find many new options as well. It has no restrictions on the size of the file that you want to send. The only problem with this mod is that it is not regulated enough by the developers, and thus expecting any new update would be a waste of time. 

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3. FM WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp is like the main control monitor for all your WhatsApp accounts. From a single dashboard, you can manage all your accounts without having to go for parallel space or dualling app options.

It has a lot of customizable options including options for you to copy emojis from other apps. It is basically like GB WhatsApp, but better. The size limitation to file transfer here is 1 GB, so there is no need to be hesitant with small movies too!

Although it is similar to GB, it is quite smaller in size, and the ability to block people and yet remain visible is clearly unique to this app. 

4. WhatsApp Aero

WhatsApp Aero is the nightcore version of a Bollywood song. It is basically just WhatsApp, but more beautiful with the design, and more user-friendly with the interface. The flowers and the pinkish tinge to the familiar greens of WhatsApp make it more appealing than the normal version.

If you are tired of watching the doodled screen behind your chats, you can definitely switch to Aero for a better view. It even has its own personal app locking system to keep all your private chats extra secure. The app is regularly updated, so you don’t need to worry about bugs either. 

5. YoWhatsApp

YoWhatsApp is the extraversion of WhatsApp that you are searching for if you love tricks and cool features. This is one of those tweaks where without having to beg from your friends and family, you can easily download all the statuses in HD quality.

There are many other options related to customization as well, where you can even customize the icon of the app, and make it blue or red, as per your taste. From the wallpapers to status options, everything is editable and can be done easily, because it’s easy to access the UI settings. 

Final Words

Here, the list of the Top 5 best WhatsApp Mods ends. I hope that you like this list and that it helps you get your own perfect mods. One very important thing to note here is that your account may get banned if you use fake mod versions.

Please try to stick with this list so that your account doesn’t get banned. Also, try all the customization options available in the mod apk that you choose. Personally, GB WhatsApp is the best one out there, but every user has their own personal choice.

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