WhatsApp Aero APK v9.74 Download 2024 [Anti-Ban]

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WhatsApp Aero
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Compatible with
4.1 and up
75 MB
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Extra Features/ Anti-Ban
Updated on
Feb 8, 2024

WhatsApp Aero APK 2024 is the latest Mod of the Fouad WhatsApp app. This Whatsapp Mod comes with a material-designed UI and tons of great features including themes, changing styles, customization, app lock, conversation locks, and many more.

WhatsApp Aero was developed by Hazar BOZKURT. The developer has made a lot of changes and customization to the Fouad Whatsapp Mod.

The Whatsapp Aero Mod offers great features in terms of privacy. If privacy is your main concern then you must this mod, this mod comes with Anti-Ban features that will help you from accounts getting banned by the Whatsapp team.

I have been using this mod for the past 1 week and I am enjoying the features without any issues.

About WhatsApp Aero (WA Aero)

WhatsApp Aero APK Download

If you have previously used any of the Whatsapp Mods like GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, YoWhatsApp then you must know how amazing these mods are.

Now the Laster Whatsapp Aero has got some new features which we will discuss in this article in detail. The very first thing I like about WhatsApp Aero APK is its speed and optimizations it’s way faster than any other mods available out there.

Why use WhatsApp Aero?

As I already mentioned above that this is the latest mod of the official WhatsApp app and comes with great stability and theme. So, if you want a decent-looking Whatsapp Mod with lots of amazing features then you must use this app. Also, if you have tried any WA mods then you must have faced lagging and app crashing issues.

whatsapp aero

Now if you use WhatsApp Aero you can get rid of those bugs and lagging problems while using the app. This mod is very stable and provides you with fast performance. However, you may see some bugs but they will get fixed in the future update so don’t worry about that. I must say this looks futuristic.

What is Whatsapp Aero APK?

Whatsapp Aero is the latest mod of the official Whatsapp application. It is developed by Hazar BOZKURT, the developer has modified the Fouad Whatsapp and added lots of useful features to the app. WA Aero is completely different from all other Whatsapp Mods.

If you open the app for the first time then you will be amazed. It has got an amazing theme that will definitely attract you to install this app.

Also if you are worried about your WhatsApp accounts getting banned then you must install and use WA Aero App. It offers lots of privacy features that help in keeping your account safe. As I already mentioned about the Anti Ban feature in Whatsapp Aero let’s explore the full features of this app.


Ban Proof

Anti Ban

Whatsapp Aero has an Anti-Ban feature that protects your Whatsapp account from getting Banned. This mod is 100% ban-proof you can install them without worrying about the account ban. You have already seen this feature on FMWhatsapp and YoWhatsapp but for them, this Anti-Ban feature is not working properly.

Still many users are complaining about their accounts getting banned from the Whatsapp team. In the case of WhatsApp Aero APK, this feature is 100% working and you can use this mod easily on your Android smartphone.

Redesigned User Interface

Awesome UI

This mod is mainly focused on the Design and security of the app. WhatsApp Aero has a very decent theme and it looks amazing to see. You have not seen this type of Theme Design on any other Whatsapp Mods. Additionally, you are getting more themes that you can download from Aero Theme Store and customize accordingly.

Just like WhatsApp Plus, it has all the necessary customization settings that are required for a better UI experience. So, if are looking for WA Mod with a funky look and an Anti-Ban feature then you can consider installing this app without any doubt.

Better Privacy Features

Privacy Features

As we all know all WhatsApp mods come with great privacy features like hiding Online Status, Hide Blue Tick, Hide Recording, and Typing Status. So the same features you will get on Whatsapp Aero. Also, it has an inbuilt App Lock feature which helps to secure your Whatsapp Account.

The best part that I like about this mod is it’s completely safe and secure. The developer of this mod has confirmed that they do not store any personal information including photos, videos, documents, or chats on their server. All your data and files are protected by the official WhatsApp app security feature.

Home Screen Customizations


Whatsapp Aero comes with great theme customization options. You can customize the color of your Home Screen or for a better look and feel you download the Theme from Aero Store and apply it accordingly. The theme store has lots of themes and designs to choose from.

Basically, it has got everything that you need for a better Whatsapp experience. As it comes with boundaries removed compared to normal Whatsapp applications.

Better Emoji Support

Emoji Support

Emojis are very helpful in expressing our thoughts and feeling. This is becoming very popular nowadays and everyone uses emojis in electronic messages. As you know normal Whatsapp has a very limited emoticons collection but with this mod, the developer has added more emoticons support to the app.

But it has one major issue, whenever you the new emoticons only Whatsapp Aero users can see this. Normal Whatsapp users will not able to see the Emoji. So, that’s the issue with the new emoji implementation.

Send Messages to More People

More People Message

As a Whatsapp user, you must be knowing that the normal Whatsapp application allows you to send only 10 people at a time. You cannot send the message to more than 10 people. But the good thing is the Latest Whatsapp Aero APK increased this limit by 256. Now you can send or forward messages to 256 people at the same time.

This feature is very useful for most WA users out there. Also, this can be useful when sending a wish message to all contact lists at the same.

Aero Theme Store

Theme Store

WhatsApp Aero comes with its own Theme Store. Here you can get a large collection of themes that are updated regularly. You can download the Theme accordingly and apply it. Below I have shared some screenshots of the first look at the app. There you can take a look at what the Aero Theme Store looks like.

Now if you are thinking of how many numbers of themes this app has. So, it comes with 3000+ themes it’s a very large collection, right? As I already said this mod is mainly focused on design and speed.

Better App Stability

App Stability

This is the only mod currently available with high performance and super stability. You will not see any type of Lag and Performance issues on the Whatsapp Aero application. When I used the application for the first time I got surprised to see the performance and speed of the app it was up to the mark.

Also, you will not see delays while sending messages to more people.

Font Customization

Font Customization

Almost all WA Mods support custom Font Customization but with Whatsapp Aero, you will see more fonts. The developer of this mod has included lots of new fonts and styles in the app. You can style them according to your taste.

Once you apply the Fonts they will be applied all over the app. I mean to say if you choose a font and you applied it, it will be changed all over the Whatsapp application.

Send Largely Files

Send Large Files

On the normal Whatsapp Application, you can send files up to 16 MB which is a very limited right. Sometimes we have to send large files at that time this can be a big restriction. But don’t worry we have the Latest WhatsApp Aero App which supports up to 50 MB of file sharing.

Now you can conveniently send large files without any worry. I personally like this feature as I want to share large ebook files. So, this feature helped me a lot in many aspects.

Copy And Paste Status

Copy And Paste Status

Sometimes we like someone’s status message and want to use it on our status or for social media sharing. So, as you know the official Whatsapp does not have any option to copy the Status. Now with the help of Whatsapp Aero, you can easily Copy and Paste Status easily.

More Docs File Support

File Support

Whatsapp Aero supports almost all Docs file formats. All Docs file formats are only available on Whatsapp Aero APK you will not see it in any other Whatsapp Mods.

So, these are the complete features of the Whatsapp Aero Application. We have not included the common features that you get FMWhatsApp and OGWhatsApp. As we have already discussed that this mod is developed with the help of Fouad Mods so some features may be the same.

How to Install WhatsApp Aero on Android?

If you don’t know how to install a .apk file on android then no worries. You can follow the below steps.

  1. First, download the latest version of WhatsApp Aero APK on your Android device.
  2. Go to Settings > Apps & Security > Enable “Unknown Sources” option.Unknown Sources
  3. Open the folder where the apk file is located.
  4. Tap to install the apk.
  5. Let the installation process complete.
  6. That’s it, you have successfully installed the apk file on your smartphone.

If you get an “App not installed” error then make sure to uninstall the official WhatsApp app from your device and then try installing the apk again.

Note: The process of allowing apps to install from unknown sources may vary for different Android versions. It is based on Android 9.

Final Words

So, this was all about the brand new WhatsApp Mod by Hazar Bozkurt, WhatsApp Aero APK. This app is no doubt an amazing WhatsApp Mod, it comes with lots of customization within the app.

You can do way lot of tweaks using this app. I hope you like this article if you find it useful then leave your valuable feedback in the comments.

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