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ePSXe MOD APK v2.0.17 for Android 2024 [Paid for Free]

File Name
ePSXe for Android
Package Name
epsxe software s.l.
Compatible with
2.3 and up
MOD Features
Paid for free
Updated on
Feb 8, 2024

Are you looking for a way to play old PSX and PS-one generation games on your smartphone? If yes, you have reached the correct destination. Here, you will get the ePSXe emulator for android application to play exciting games with your friends and family.

Usually, you spend your day working or doing your homework and remember your old days when you used to enjoy the PS one console games.

Those were the days that brings nostalgic feelings to your face. But nowadays, the current Playstation games are slightly overrated and don’t provide that thrill unlike those retro Tekken and Final Fantasy series games.

Generally, you have to require a home game console to experience those amazing games. However, as technology evolves, there are new possibilities to play arcade games on your smartphone.

For that, you will need to download an emulator application, which works as the console, while at the same time, you need to get the Game ROMs too.

Though, you will find various options on the Playstore, such as the PPSSPP emulator, and many more premium apps.

But if you are looking for a pretty simple and efficient application, then we will highly recommend checking out the ePSXe for Android app.


In the following section, I have covered all of the details regarding the app, so that you can download this app easily.

What is ePSXe For Android?

The ePSXe APK is a brilliant application that allows users to enjoy PS1 games on their android smartphone without any hassle. Besides this, there’s also a PC version available, so you can check various games for your computer or laptop as well.

Aside from this, the app has a whopping 4.6-rating with quite a robust review. Though it’s a premium app, it’s better than anything present on the internet. Furthermore, the developer updates this app frequently, so there’s no need to worry about bugs.


On the other hand, casual games bring an amazing feel with them as you don’t need to focus on the random quest, and at the same time, the gameplay would be pretty smooth.

However, there’s no denying that older-generation games were quite appealing and interesting, whether you talk about visuals or the storyline. Though they might not look realistic as the games nowadays, they have the qualities in which they stand out most.

With this emulator, you won’t need to worry about anything as you will obtain various advanced settings and functions that will make the gaming sessions more immersive.

Furthermore, you will attain all of the classic features to save and load games according to your wish. At the price point of roughly $4, it’s not a bad deal as it will provide subtle support and numerous functions, which will eventually enhance the gameplay experience.

What is ePSXe MOD APK?

The ePSXe MOD APK, like the original app, provides similar features and functions. But here’s the twist, you don’t need to spend your money on this app.

Besides this, this mod apk will bring lots of interesting and amazing perks that will improve the gameplay with HD resolution, unlock cheats, and many more.

With this app, you can avoid the subscription cost and bring astounding games to your android device. Therefore, get the latest version of the ePSXe Emulator MOD Apk from the below section.

Features of ePSXe MOD APK

Now that you have grasped the ePSXe for Android application and what it can do for the users, let’s have a quick chat over the additional features that make this application more entertaining. With that said, let’s begin with the primary features.

Easy-to-use Interface

Unlike various other emulator applications, you will obtain a pretty simple user interface inside the app.

Furthermore, the developer doesn’t add advertisements so that you can easily gain an improved user experience without being bothered by pop-up ads.

Moreover, the overall usage is good as everything is present on the home screen.

Support Various Games

It meets the needs of the Playstation One and Playstation X gamers requirement and renders different games support. It includes from the most popular titles to barely unknown games.

Although you won’t attain any Game ROMs in the app, you have to download them separately. There are numerous reputable websites that will provide you with those CD games.

On-screen controller

Like various emulators, you will obtain the regular analog on-screen controller from which you can play a lot of games without any hassle.

On the other hand, there’s a digital mode in the control settings, which can be utilized according to your playing style. Not only that, but you can also customize the button size to get the best experience from this app.

Unlock Cheats

The ePSXe supports cheats so that you can effortlessly clear levels and obtain legendary items during your quest.

Furthermore, you can speedrun the game with better options and privileges, thanks to the cheat codes. On top of that, you won’t need to worry about anything while you’re playing.

HD Graphics Resolution

The app software is equipped with different options and settings that ensure that the user receives an HD-quality experience during the gaming sessions.

It is true to bring the best resolution so that the gamers don’t be disappointed by the results. while bringing the most beautiful images possible. Plus, the OpenGL software renders better graphics and provides smooth gameplay without any lags.

Customize Sound Experience

Inside the app, you will receive a diverse range of customization modes for sound, which will improve the intensity, speed, and sound frequency according to your requirements.

With this, you will get a completely customized experience while playing your favorite PSX and PS-1 games on your device.


That’s all, you need to know about this application. Now, don’t waste your time and download ePSXe MOD APK 2024 to unleash the paid features quality and enjoy those fabulous PS-1 games on your device without any further delay. With this app, you won’t face any trouble as the advanced settings give more options than the consoler.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for more emulator options for arcade games, I highly recommend you check out Pizza Boy Pro. Aside from this, do let us know about valuables in the comment section.

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