Om Nom: Merge

Om Nom: Merge

v46.4.4 by ZeptoLab Verified

Name Om Nom: Merge
Publisher ZeptoLab
Genre Games
Size 72 MB
Version 46.4.4
Update May 27, 2024
Mod Features Unlimited Money
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Playing Om Nom Merge is a challenge in itself, where users choose to play the role of a hero whose work is to save and manage the magical forest. Which is also a type of garden with fruits, veggies and raw eatable stuff.

Simply playing Om Nom and saving the forest by restoring its balance of consumption and then growing the crops. The process is repetitive but comes with different activities and indulgence in creative work.

Here, every new level unlocks new tools and features for users to exercise and play this game with a more brilliant approach and addition of fresh elements.

You will have the guts to craft more eggs, grow more crops with a wide variety of fruits and much stuff. When it’s the harvesting time, there is so much to eat and enjoy in this magical garden. But it’s impossible for just one person, Om Nom, to finish so much stuff.

So, here comes the actual gameplay in the context where you get to develop, breed and make more Nommies with your special friends, so they can finish off the crops and help you in restoring the balance of this garden.

Om Nom Merge MOD APK New

Enjoy this finest of the merging game where you create some new creatures and monsters to finish off the crops and help you in achieving rewards and unlocking new levels in the game.

What does it do?

Om Nom: Merge is about managing a magical forest garden where a variety of fruits and veggies grow. The growth is large and large, which is difficult for one or two people to finish.

But to restore the balance of this magical garden, it is advised to finish the produce and then grow it again with new levels and features at work.

So, here we are playing Om Nom Merge, which brings his friends with magical spells and merges them to create some astonishing monster characters of various types.

These monsters will help you in eating fruits and gaining rewards with ease, so you may enjoy the journey of having a good time.

You can unlock and explore different locations and beautiful places in the forest of different types.

Which enhances the interest in the game, bringing some new elements to play. While there are many unique types of the characters to choose in the forms of monsters to eat the produce and help you in restoring the balance of the forest, where you can grow new crops and stuff.

Download the game and enjoy some fabulous access to a variety of the features and experience the world of interest in the greenery and lush environment, offering wide activities and fun with special friends. This immersive game has its style of attracting and serving the users with ease.


The Om Nom: Merge is loaded with top-notch features and exceptional tools, which makes it more attractive and easy in every way to indulge yourself in the journey of making every good thing possible for you. Enjoy this unique and brilliant concept with the finest of the tools and stuff at your hands.

Create and discover new monsters

The game is all about consumption of magical garden produce, which is fruits and veggies. This stuff is too much for one or two people to finish.

So, here comes the friends of Om Nom Merge who will help him in restoring the balance and consuming all the produce.

But these friends need to be merged and evolved. So, there comes the new monstrous and powerful characters who will help you in gaining rewards and finishing all the crops. Thus, you can start your process again for the new levels.

Restore the balance by increasing the consumption

This magical garden produces too many crops. Thus, you need to finish the product to start the process again, or you will lose. That’s the basic concept of the game, so you have to increase its consumption.

Which will only happen if you bring your friends and merge them to create special Nommies who will eat every fruit and veg in the area and will offer you with more rewards.

Variety of unique and attractive locations

Om Nom Merge features a wide range of unique locations and places. It’s like close to a dozen places which you can unlock and enjoy making some new harvest to amplify the process.

Have everything at your ease and start enjoying the process with your friends to make too much on the things. Grow your harvest and enjoy its servings with everything on your own.

Dozens of unique and beautiful characters

To finish your crops and fruits, you may need access to different characters. That is entirely served by this game, where you get to enjoy making new changes to the game by bringing new characters of different types and monsters skills.

So, they will eat your produce with ease, leaving no place for defeat, just enjoy gaining rewards and unlocking new levels in the game.

Upgrade, evolve and enhance the process of garden

For the users, they only need to focus on the process of growing and consumption, for eating they would have monster Nommies to finish.

While for the growth, you can craft your eggs and start making some new changes to the gameplay.

You can also use some magical spells to grow the crops fast and double its speed with a wide range of variety to complete the circle.

Enjoy it for free with the newest options and unlocked tools.


Get your hands on these remarkable pieces of fun and involvement in the game which is unique and creative in every way, bringing users the fun and interest in different forms.

You will be more than happy to know the special additions of features and tools which brings to you the interest of new kinds.

You may download and enjoy this game whose unique concept is good enough to attract your user base and enjoy having fun restoring the balance of the fruit garden.

Get its unique and fresh features unlocked for free in Om Nom Merge MOD APK.

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