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Name Superlingo
Publisher SuperChinese
Genre Education
Size 50 MB
Version 1.5.3
Update May 25, 2024
Mod Features Plus Unlocked
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Learning new things is everyone’s first lust, and we all feel damn enthusiastic while doing that. Keeping skills and school education on another side, learning a different language alone can make you feel like the coolest guy in your group.

The reason is that you can now communicate with millions of crowds living in a different country as per your learned language. If you’re finding instruction expertise, SuperLingo is the king here!

SuperLingo is the most intelligent protocol to learn a different language, and it includes the two most important languages, English and Chinese. Using books to learn a new language won’t work that simplistically, as you’d get lost between the pages.

Stop being stuck there and start enjoying the convenience presented by the SuperLingo android app. It’s the lowest-sized language learner app with the most sophisticated lessons.

The app would first test your skills on the actual language and then personalize the best course to make you learn that language faster and easier.

You can later also personalize your levels if getting it is difficult to understand the things written on that app’s interface.

You can also try the free version of the app if you want to avoid ads and get all the premium features for free.

SuperLingo MOD APK

About SuperLingo App?

If learning a new language seems like a challenge in front of you, and you’re really optimistic about it, SuperLingo is your most essential protocol.

This protocol works as software, gets installed on your smartphone, and provides you the personalized learning techniques as per your current skills. The best thing about this app is its interface that’ll make you love the animations, sound effects, and all the beneficial advancements.

If you’re good with your language and finding a way to learn a new one among English or Chinese, you can also choose your regional language.

This will help you learn the required language more, merely with your own slang and its exact translation in the new language. SuperLingo app is also statistically strong as it includes the most powerful ratings on the Google Play Store with millions of app downloads.

Drastically, it includes just two languages, but the reason behind that is the sophisticated expertise of SuperLingo in both these languages.

Developers also have committed to their future updates with some new languages, but it’d take time as the product you’re getting includes the expertise. Decide the smartness, and consequently, pick the app.

What is SuperLingo Plus APK?

All those language learners who have already gone through the SuperLingo official application must have complete knowledge about the premium recurring subscription plan. If not, allow me to introduce you to SuperLingo Plus exclusive access.

It’d cost you 1300.00 INR monthly, 2550.00 INR annually, or 10,800.00 INR lifetime plans, where you can choose one and enjoy access to 1200+ advanced sessions and many more features.

SuperLingo MOD

Are you thinking about the modification? Yeah, we caught your vibes and that’s why got an astonishing update for you including what you got with the official SuperLingo.

This is the free modification for the official app, which comes with a pre-enabled lifetime plan with all the vigorous updates. The game would become more enthusiastic for the modified users as they won’t take the payment stress and learn mindfully with free premium.

Conquering a new language was a dream someday, but now it can become true using the APK version. No need for a book, instructor, or biggest universities. Install the modification and enjoy the effortlessness!


Being a legit android app developer, we never do things that disappoint you. Subsequently, we’ve developed the altered version of SuperLingo with zero errors and hundreds of futuristic privileges.

Let’s have an in-depth look at these privileges in the below list:

Personalized Study Plan

Firstly, the protocol works with the game plans. As a result, the SuperLingo app crafts an impressive strategy. Well, the official app provides the personalized study plan at a premium subscription only.

Get upgraded today and download the APK to your smartphone. This coolest interface won’t just strengthen your vibes, but will also personalize a study plan as per your current language skills to make you learn faster.

Online Challenges

There is no winning without challenges. They make you strong by beating rivals and getting the strength to look upward at the leaderboards.

It also comprises tremendous challenges, both online and offline, to make your language skills stronger. It’s time to beat your high scores on each test and become the best version of yourself.

Ad-free Learning

Nothing crashes online learning, really nothing, absolutely nothing; then comes the online advertisements. The worst thing about the SuperLingo official app’s free plan is its online ads.

Why you’re worrying about them, as you can enjoy them all for absolutely free using the SuperLingo Plus. Eliminate the interruptions and swim in the valley of features with this absolute modification.

Choose perfect timing

Is the creation of a learning session stopping you from compounding the language learning skills? If that’s the real matter, give a chance to the app interface.

This app first asks you about your daily vacant time interval to provide 15–60 minutes for learning your favorite language and notifies you as a reminder in real-time. Never miss a single session with the SuperLingo.

Lifetime Exclusive Access

If you’d open the premium page of the official SuperLingo app, you’d find it as costly as 10,000.00+ INR for lifetime exclusive access with all the above-listed features embedded within the interface.

But we here as your friends deliver you absolutely free access to the MOD APK, attached with the freely accessible lifetime exclusive access for the learners who love learning!

Final Words

Learning is an art, and we all need to be artists! But we need a protocol at the very first moment and that vacant place would get fulfilled by SuperLingo MOD APK in case of language learning.

If you would like to learn any language between English and Chinese with the expert android app and its Plus Unlocked, grab the app promptly and learn faster.

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