Bully Anniversary Edition MOD v1.0.0.19 APK Latest 2024 [Unlimited Money]

File Name
Bully Anniversary Edition MOD
Rockstar Games
Compatible with
8.0 and up
2 GB
MOD Features
Unlimited Money
Updated on
Feb 8, 2024

Have you heard of a fantastic creation of Rockstar Games based on the open-school interface? Yeah, I’m talking about the Bully Anniversary Edition MOD APK!

While enjoying the extreme open-world Android games, we believe in the one and only game developer company, i.e., Rockstar Games. They created brilliant games from the initialization, like the GTA series, Vice City, San Andreas, GTA 5, GTA 4, and the Red Dead Redemption, globally favorite virtual games.

We can’t forget the best innovations developed by the Rockstar games. Soon, we glimpse the Bully Anniversary Edition, an Android game version of the PC and console Bully game.

The bully game is based on the school and college’s bullying habits, community, and hierarchies, where you can unlock so many weapons and amazing stuff conveniently with some struggle. Moreover, the modified version is too efficient in fulfilling your needs.

Bully Anniversary Edition MOD APK

Introducing the modified version of the game, Bully Anniversary Edition! Basically, the game available on the Google Play Store is a paid Android game, and before installing it, you just need to pay $10.00 to the Google Play Store.

If you got annoyed by these virtual payments and want to eliminate them this time, try the modified version, which offers the free Bully Anniversary Edition to enjoy it for eternity!

What is Bully Anniversary Edition?

After working so hard on the Battle Royale Android games and feeling that all these games include a single map and the very same protocol every time, we remember our childhood days spent on the Rockstar Games.

Simultaneously, you’re getting access to this fantastic Rockstar Android game developed as a substitute for the PC’s Bully game, Bully Anniversary Edition.

The Anniversary Edition offers you more privileges than the PC edition, including the most incredible graphics, more intensive missions, and the lowest compressed size, i.e., 3.0 GB.

After holding just three gigs of your storage, the Bully Anniversary Edition game will offer you an advanced open world with weapons, vehicles, people, NPCs, and much more additional in-game stuff.

Moreover, you’ll also have tremendous missions that would arrive subsequently one after another. These missions would make you feel adventurous about the Bully Anniversary Edition Game, and you won’t ever think of uninstalling this game.

The best thing here is its offline compatibility. If you’re obsessed with using an internet connection to play online games, it’s time to switch to Bully Anniversary Edition MOD!

What is Bully Anniversary Edition MOD APK?

Now, you know the actual gameplay of the Bully Anniversary Edition. Still, the only thing inside your mind whispering like hell is the meaning and exact need for Bully Anniversary Edition MOD.

However, you won’t need to think that deeply, as it’s just the modified version of the official game created for the world-class gamer enthusiasts who got obsessed with the payments.

Bully Anniversary Edition MOD

The modified version is exceptionally different from the official one, and it’s because of its cost-efficiency. You can have this game on your Smartphone for absolutely free, whereas the official game will cost you 189.00 INR.

No gaming enthusiast wants to have the gameplay costs, and neither would you be the same. So stop this expenditure right now with the MOD version.

Hit the below download link and make the Bully Anniversary Edition all yours to enjoy its challenging missions, FHD graphics, and the giant open-world damn conveniently.


Being an obvious gaming version first requires the lack of an obsessing feature. No one wants to feel gripped these days by the interruptions, emptiness, and lack of features in their favorite Android games, and consequently, the Bully Anniversary Edition MOD is offering you all the below worthy features inline:

Unlocked Access

The first benefit you would love with the Bully Anniversary Edition modified APK is the unlocked game access. As we told you above, the official game is damn costly and needs your bucks to get installed.

So why pay bucks for happiness when you can get it absolutely free. You can do that freely and exceptionally with the MOD version. So stop being stuck in limitations and download this modification instantly.

Giant Open World

Rockstar Games comprise the best grip on the open-world gaming interface, as it has developed all the worthy and most incredible open-world console games. But what about the Android games?

If you have the exact feeling and want to fulfill your wishes with an Android Rockstar open-world game, download Bully Anniversary Edition MOD ASAP. This fantastic Android game offers you a big open world based on college bullying life.

Hundreds Of Missions

The following privilege of this modified open-world Android game is the vast amount of in-game adventure. Whether we’re downloading an action game, shooting game, or an RPG, we always want to have adventures.

Consequently, the Bully Anniversary Edition Game includes hundreds of challenging missions to make you feel adventurous at every single moment of gameplay. I know it’d be hard to resist the downloading urge this time!

Incredible Weapons

Open World is nothing without weapons, NPCs, and vehicles. You can’t have unlimited fun inside the open-world interfaces without having these things available on the game interface.

And in the following picture, you see the Bully Anniversary Edition, a modified android game filled eternally with incredible weapons and vehicles. You will have the chemicals, extinguishers, slingshot, and itching powder as weapons within this game, and new fun stuff will get unlocked soon.

College Vibes

College Vibes and School Vibes are the only ones we always dream about at night and talk about with our friends. We can’t forget that remarkable life when we were with our friends without single stress in mind.

But these days, we feel overloaded with stress, but did you know that you can reduce that stress with Bully Anniversary Edition MOD APK? With an unlocked gaming interface, this game will proffer you college vibes to make you feel amazing every moment. Download it right now!


Conclusively, we would love to say that the Bully Anniversary Edition is a whole open-source Android game, which includes all the same vibes, game interface, and features that you can get with the official Play Store game.

You’ll get your favorite privileges with an open-world college interface inside the modified version. So why are you waiting now? Accept this new authentic vibe instantly to your life!

Note: Make sure to read MOD Info on the next page.

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