Top 10 Most Useful Android Wallpaper Apps 2024

In this article, I will present the top 10 most excellent Android wallpaper applications that are likely to cater to all the various wallpapers that exist. Your preferences for different kinds of wallpaper that exist on the internet should be satisfied.

Top 10 Best Android Wallpaper Apps

Top 10 Best Android Wallpaper Apps

1. Creative

The first app on the list is called creative, and if you look at the set of wallpapers that it offers is unique. They’re really stunning. They look gorgeous, they look really artistic and graphic and crafty. Think about the actual picture and give them a comic look.

You can, of course, download these wallpapers you can span across categories and just look at pictures that you’re interested in. You can change the grid layout, but that’s the premium feature that you’ll have to buy, it’s a minimal price.

The app also lets you customize your home screen. It will tell you the icon pack and wallpaper you will stand all of that, so if you use Nova Launcher, you can try that out. And it’s got a Dark Theme to it, but that’s a premium feature and there’s a built-in editor.

2. Abstruct

Abstruct is a remarkable wallpaper app, this app is absolutely phenomenal and has stunning beautiful wallpapers. In this app, you will find tons of abstract design wallpapers. The fun fact about these wallpapers is made by the person who literally designed the wallpapers for OnePlus phones.

All the wallpapers are different from each other in terms of how the waves, textures, patterns, and colors. You do get plenty of wallpapers for free, and they are really high quality, very crisp and very sharp.

You can set the wallpaper from within the app on the home screen or both, you can download them to your gallery as well. You do get about 7,080 wallpapers for free. But if you want more of those then you have to subscribe for the pro version of the app.

3. Resplash

The next app on the list is called Resplash. This app is my personal best wallpaper app of all time. It has got 1,200,000+ Full HD+ Resolution wallpapers, you get new wallpapers every day and the home screen refreshes with random wallpapers every day.

Now the best part about this app is that this app has wallpapers that are actual pictures / actual photographs taken by people. They’re all sourced from So, they’re royalty-free, and they are phenomenally high quality and great.

Withing the setting you get an option to change “Theme” so you can have the white theme or the dark theme. You can save the battery by switching to Dark Theme or Dark Mode.

Resplash Wallpaper App
Resplash Wallpaper App

But the best about this app is not its regular pictures it’s in the collection tab. So, instead of having categories that generally apps have which are really boring right. there’s space there’s anime, cartoons, abstract and more.

This app has very significantly different categories. So, it’s got patterns and textures, it’s got dark and moody it’s got rainy days it’s has got something in blurs and motion. All the pictures belong to that kind of category.

You also get control over what quality of thumbnails, downloads, and wallpaper gets applied when you directly apply from within the app. Another cool feature they have introduced is called the Auto Wallpaper.

If you turn that “ON” you can set automatic rotation of wallpapers on your home screen and lock screen. You can set a category that you want and you can set the interval period for how frequently you want those wallpaper to change.

4. Tapet

The next one is called Tapet, it’s a minimal wallpaper generator which means all these wallpapers are generated on your phone. None of these exist online, None of these are downloaded or fetched.

The best part is you could just keep swiping right if you want to retain the color scheme but a different pattern. But let’s say you like a pattern and you want to change the color then you just swipe from left to right.

And you can retain the same pattern but just keep changing the color scheme and if you want radically different wallpaper like a different pattern and a different color scheme.

Just swipe up or swipe down and you’ll get a brand new radically different wallpaper again all of these wallpapers are generated in real-time and they don’t really exist.

You do have access to all the color palettes so have a look at them from over color section. And you can move some of these to your palette sections. If there’s a palette that you really like you could just move it to your palette section.

And needless to say that you can’t save your wallpaper by tapping that icon and if you want to apply just hit the icon in the center and the wallpaper gets applied.

5. UHD Walls

Now, this wallpaper app is a more traditional one, now this wallpaper app is totally different from the above 4 wallpaper app that I have listed. Anyone who likes traditional wallpapers then UHD Wall is the one to go with.

It has got awesome categories, the app interface is really nice, very minimal, and easy to use. And if you’re looking for wallpapers in a certain color that you prefer you could do that as well, and it will show you all the wallpapers in that color.

If you go into a category, of course, you get all the nice wallpapers and they’re all high resolution really crisp quality. And if you want to apply a wallpaper you could favorite that, you could download and save it in your gallery.

You can see the resolution of the wallpapers they are of really high-quality wallpapers as I said. Also, you can set the blur level before you apply it.


The next app on the list is called WAVERO LiveWallpaper, now you will find this app very interesting as it’s interactive so depending on how you move the phone or touch the wallpaper it reacts and interacts with you.

So, a really nice live wallpaper app. Now a lot of the features are actually in the pro mode but you do get a couple of patterns for free.

There is a total of 31 patterns that you could apply and that will respect your choice. But gradients color schemes which are actually the more fun features are logged. So, you have to unlock them for a small cost.

But even the free version you could have applied onto your home screen for a couple of days and you would really enjoy it.

7. Wallpapers – By Android Station

This app is another best wallpaper app by the android station. It has got tons of categories to choose from. This app serves you amazing and unique wallpapers updated every day.

It has QHD Wallpapers collections with minimal design and is easy to use. You can like the wallpaper to save it in your own collection.

You are getting a Rich library collection every day. The wallpaper collection that this provides is really amazing and stunning.

You can download the wallpaper that you like. Under app settings, you get an option to share the wallpaper with your friends and family. And all the wallpapers that are used in this app are sourced from

So, all the wallpapers are royalty-free and you can use them on various platforms.

8. Wall X

Wall X app has got a 4.8 stars rating and 1 Million+ download on the google play store which is a great rating for an app. This wallpaper app has got Simply Beautiful design which makes this app user-friendly.

It has got tons of minimal, 4K wallpapers, the best part of this app is it’s free to use. Wall X provides a high-quality wallpaper collection that anyone would like.

The wallpaper displays are only adapted to the size of wallpapers. So, it helps to save the battery and resources of your device. The app run’s very smoothly just because of its clean UI and design. Overall it’s a good app which good performance and speed.

9. Auto Wallpaper Changer

As the name suggests this is an app with Auto Wallpaper Changer feature. It has got 25+ different categories like Abstract, Animals, Anime, Celebrities, Fantasy, Aircraft, Airplanes, Bokeh, Video Games, Cars and Motorcycle, Nature, Space, Galaxy, Architecture, City, Minimalist, Watercrafts, Ship, Music, Macro, Hi-Tech, Ocean, Sea, Flowers, Material Design, Food, Drinks, Photography, Superheroes Wallpapers | Backgrounds.

So, that are the categories this app has. It has more than 10,000+ high-resolution wallpapers with the best backgrounds. You can choose among 4K and Full-HD wallpapers that will surely help to save the storage of your device.

Moreover, you can add your favorite wallpapers to your Liked List. You can share HD Wallpapers with your friends or social media. And of course, you can set your favorite wallpapers to your Home Screen as well as Lock Screen.

10. Walloop Engine

The last app on the list is called wall loop engine, and there’s only one reason that it made it to this top 10 list. It’s because of minimal live wallpapers.

Just so good, just the idea of having these as animated simple and minimal wallpapers on your home screen or on your lock screen is so good.

Now a lot of the wallpapers are free and some of them seem to be locked. But all you have to do is watch the ads, and then you can unlock them. But they’re so good.

You can go inside the menu and look at live wallpapers there are more than just live minimal wallpapers, just so many of them. So, you don’t have to really stick to minimal as an approach.

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Final Words

So, guys, when it comes to wallpapers, I think these Top 10 Best Android Wallpaper Apps just about covered the base in terms of how different and varied wallpaper tasters and categories can be.

I hope you find this article useful, if you like this article, then make sure to share your valuable feedback in the comment section. Furthermore, you can rate this article from the below rating tab.

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