Top 5 Best Android Apps Under 50Mb In 2024

In this article, we will see the Top 5 Best Android Apps Under 50Mb these apps are unique, and we might be sure that none of these apps you are familiar with.

In the month of December, there have been a lot of new android apps that have been arrived at the Google Play Store, and we have selected the Top 5 Best Android Apps that are unique and mysterious. So, let’s go straight into it.

Best Free Android Apps Under 50Mb

Top 5 Best Android Apps Under 50Mb

1. Rovers

This app is basically for multitasking. In this app, you get floating quick sidebar apps. This is very helpful if you use multiple apps.

You can access the quick apps from your screen itself, simply have to touch on a bubble icon on your screen, and the quick floating apps will appear on your screen.

You can manually add apps which you use most of the time, like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and your favorite apps and games.

This app makes multitasking effortless, and also, this app will be very helpful for those who find it difficult to find their apps. So, overall, it’s an outstanding app. You must have to give it a try.

2. Photo Lab

This app is for those who like to edit their photos to make them cooler. By using this app, you can edit the photo from a normal to the pro level in a single click.

You do not need to edit the photo. You just have to do a single click, and your photo will be edited to the pro level.

Once you open this app, you will see numerous effects, and you will also get animated effects which are spectacular.

So, whatever effect you like to edit, tap it and select the effects you want in your photo and then tap on continue and that it saves your photo to your phone gallery.

3. Park AR

So, this is a car parking augmented reality game. It feels like you are playing in the Real World. To play this game, you need a sticker. Simply place the sticker on your table or floor, open the game, place your phone in front of the sticker, and you’re good to go. This game feels like you are playing this game in 3D.

You will get different levels, different cars in this app. This game is very addictive as this is an augmented reality game so, you will play this almost most of the time.

4. Knock Lock

This is one of the most secure lock screen apps because you cannot open this app through pattern lock, swipe, or through a password.

To open this lock screen app, you will need to set some knocks, then only this app will allow your lock screen will open. This will give you an additional type of security for your phone.

You can set up knocks through settings. Using this app, you can lock your games, apps, and private files. The best part of this app is that nobody can open the app.

5. Like

This is an outstanding application, and you will get lots of face filter effects that look amazing. Furthermore, through face filter’s you can also make videos and share them with your friends and family through face filters.

One more thing that makes this app stunning is the stickers. It has plenty of cool stickers that you can add to your photos.

You get a Music Magic feature that adds background music to your videos, which again, looks cool. This app can make you famous by creating cool videos and sharing them on your social media.

Final Words

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