Nothing Widgets

Nothing Widgets

v1.5.0 by Android Tools 4U Verified

Name Nothing Widgets
Publisher Android Tools 4U
Genre Utilities
Size 28.5 MB
Version 1.5.0
Update June 7, 2024
Mod Features Paid for Free
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The better user interface goes with flowing the most amazing vibes while using an Android smartphone. All the Android phone developer companies have their user interface, through which they show the convenience of completing tasks. New gen smartphone companies are coming up with new levels of inner interface beauty and convenience. When we’re talking about newbies, how can we forget the Nothing UI?

Nothing branded smartphones are known for their exterior beauty which are all those lights on its back panel, as well as the interior Nothing UI. Once, you’ll go with the wallpapers and incredible support given by the Nothing Widgets. Home screen widgets are known at their best level for the optimal experience and through which, you can do most of your daily tasks directly from that screen. You don’t have to go through any app screen for that.

The exact kind of Nothing widgets and wallpapers can now be yours through an Android application named Nothing Widgets. It doesn’t matter how different your phone’s brand user interface is, for example even if you’re using the MIUI or OxygenOS, installing this third-party app would create your phone look optimally like the Nothing UI. Similarly, we have created the whole below article, going to be based completely on that. Let’s GO!

Nothing Widgets APK

What’s Nothing Widgets App for?

You really get nothing on the backside of the Nothing smartphones except for that back panel with the transparent color to see what’s going on inside. Furthermore, the company has fixed the exaggerating lights in the newest Nothing Phone 2, which goes glowing in different formats as per your desire. You can’t have those things on different smartphones, but when it’s about the operating system’s user interface, Nothing Widgets APK can offer that all to you.

Nothing Widgets Paid

It’s a free Android app whereas when you’ll find this on the Google Play Store, you may have to pay a one-time one dollar fee to the developers. The same paid app can be installed to your phone with the activated key so that you can also use the coolest widgets and nothing wallpapers with no additional struggle. What we’re providing you is a modified version that includes all those featured things unlocked with the add-on scripts.

It’s going to be more beautiful this time because you will add the fabulous Nothing widgets to your android smartphone’s UI, which is already so aesthetic. Two beauties will get mixed and create a new standard for your convenience and the advanced look on a smartphone’s interior. We don’t want you to go without a research, and that’s why adding all the features that app will provide you down below to read them completely and make a choice.


Nothing Widgets app isn’t a simplistic widget app that you get through the other Android’s Productivity genre apps on the Google Play Store. It’s developed by one of the most creative developers who also developed some most famous widget and wallpaper apps but marked them all as the premium ones. We’ll also allow you to use Grad KWGT for free with its premium version you can get through this link. Currently, let’s know about the features.

Nothing UI Widgets

Nothing Widgets APK S5

Nothing UI is known as a little unique to everyone as there are not many people who got a Nothing smartphone for having it ultimately rare, and still a little costly. But if you want to know how bright a diamond is, you should go to a diamond seller or acquirer. As per the same rule, an actual Nothing smartphone user knows about its widgets very well.

You are finally going to get them all on your smartphone too for absolutely free with the Nothing Widgets app. There would be some beautiful clock widgets, date widgets, as well as some lined widgets where you can add all your favorite apps to launch them so conveniently. Additionally, the Music Player widget of the app would also be so beautiful that you’ll stop using the notification screen’s Music Player buttons.

Compact Interface

Nothing Widgets APK S4

This developer is known for creating the most simplistic android applications, and he really didn’t complicate things. We know that you must have gone through other Launcher app developers who add jargon features to complicate it to understand the simplistic features. But don’t worry, as here you will get a list of widgets and wallpapers which can be chosen and installed on your phone’s interface instantaneously in just a single click.

Lock Screen Widgets

Nothing Widgets APK S3

No one is going to provide you with this with superb ease on the app. Widgets app doesn’t create any of them for the Lock screen as they need to have a master level coding in developing and adding them. Lock Screen is something which is super clean, but not so convenient for completing some important tasks. With Nothing Widgets, you can add access to the Nothing Lock Screen widgets too for adding the options you’re going to require on the lock screen.

Beautiful Wallpapers

Nothing Widgets APK S2

Widgets aren’t the sole purpose of developers behind creating this android application, and that’s why you will not just see those simplistic options on your home screen. He also has got the high-resolution actual Nothing OS wallpapers for you, arranged them through the official developer company so that you can download and install them to your phone. Afterward, your phone is going to look like a complete Nothing Phone from the front face only.

Unlocked App

Nothing Widgets APK S1

Basically, the Nothing Widgets are an Android app already available on Google Play Store, and also it ranks a genre page of the app store. But it’s a paid application, and there are numerous people who really would love having this app unlocked for them for absolutely free. We can’t have that in actual without $1 of investment, but it can actually be free if you download it from here. We’re delivering you the Nothing Widgets, a freely unlocked version.


There are no limitations of Nothing Widgets as it’s a simple Android app with not a bigger size even. You can install it quite simply with a manual installation procedure of APK file, but it’s a little probability that you will find an error by Google Play Protect while installing it. Although, that can also be bypassed, once you go through Google Play Store > Profile Button > Play Protect > Settings, and afterward disable Google Play Protect.

Requirements to install Nothing Widgets on Android

If you want to use Nothing Widgets APK, it won’t require you with any high-tech smartphone specs. It’s just a simple personalization app and all the Android phones above Android 5.0 can use it after giving permission to Themes and Storage for downloading and installing those widgets to the home screen.

Download latest version of Nothing Widgets app for Android

Nothing Widgets MOD APK is a modded version, but our developers hadn’t gone so complex in this app’s scripts. All it required was a key to unlock the features which are actually paid for free, yeah absolutely free, and these developers have finally unlocked it for our favorite app users. If you also want to have the Nothing Widgets with amazing Nothing Wallpapers on your smartphone, you should download this mod version right now and install it to your phone.

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