GTA Liberty City Stories MOD v2.4.298 APK Latest 2024 [Unlimited Money]

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GTA Liberty City Stories
Rockstar Games
Compatible with
4.0 and up
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Unlimited Money
Updated on
Mar 12, 2024

Do you want to enjoy free access to the GTA Liberty City Stories MOD APK Android game? If that’s the matter, get that game from this post without any further ado!

Hats off to all those old GTA creations developed by the Rockstar Games, painting that R* sign in two different colors, yellow and blue. That was the world’s biggest sensation those days, and people got an immense dopamine rush after glimpsing those two Rockstar logos one by one.

They knew that the upcoming interface is an open world about to make them damn addicted. However, while talking about the old Rockstar Games days, how can we forget GTA Liberty City Stories!

The combination of GTA games and the Android Smartphone is literally fantastic, as we always loved the PSP consoles because of that convenient in-hand gaming experience.

Right now, we won’t even need that PSP and can play all our favorite console games directly on the handy Android Smartphones at our own ease of access. It’s literally the most leisurely way to play virtual games with thumbs and fingers.

GTA Liberty City Stories MOD APK

Moreover, when your Smartphone will get embedded with an amazingly modified version of the old classic Liberty City game, the GTA Liberty City Stories , the worth will naturally rise.

If you’re a world-class gaming enthusiast and want to enjoy all those old days once again inside the virtual Liberty City, you need the modification ASAP.

What is GTA Liberty City Stories?

GTA Liberty City Stories is the most adorable open-world virtual game developed by Rockstar Games at their prime time. Just before developing the GTA Vice City, and GTA San Andreas, Rockstar Games kicked off the fastest trial with the Liberty City offering adventurous gameplay, a little small city compared to other versions, and incredible animated graphics.

Who knew that day that after launching the GTA Liberty City, Rockstar Games’ GTA series would get a 5-star response from all the open-world games? The game really excited PCs, Consoles, and PSPs at that time, as at such an old age, people got an open world with a virtually designed Liberty City, and the capability to use the Cheat Codes and get premium benefits for free.

Moreover, the game also generated an amazing genre feel among the enthusiasts, which they barely got on through any other open-world game before, created by Rockstar Games, Gameloft, or any other developer.

Nowadays, you can also play this game on your Android Smartphones, as the Google Play Store contains GTA Liberty City Stories, but at some cost. Even, if you want to eliminate these payments, you can try the free MOD version linked below.

What is GTA Liberty City Stories MOD APK?

After knowing well about the official version, anyone can consider each of the features we’re about to offer within the gaming interface of the modified version.

Similar to all other GTA modifications, we’ll deliver you the compressed game size, exact animated graphics, exact interface, and the most important thing, a free unlocked gaming interface.

GTA Liberty City Stories MOD

If you feel annoyed with the Google Play Store’s payment page developed for the GTA Liberty City Stories, time to switch the platform from Google Play Store to our website.

After clicking the below download link, the download procedure would get started for the GTA Liberty City Stories APK. Later, you can install it on any of your Android Smartphones, even if it contains root access or not.

Futuristic game versions can’t get developed without the immense number of features inside them. Subsequently, the GTA Liberty City Stories also include some coolest privileges that we acknowledged simply through the below section.


GTA Liberty City Stories MOD isn’t just an Android game, but it can also be seen as a feeling, as it contains a mixture of our old remembering, cheat codes, and adventures. Later, it also offers you some premium privileges, as listed below –

Compressed Size

Initially, the modified game version delivers you lightweight compressed size gaming features. We all know that it’s hard to play bigger games these days on low-configured Android Smartphones, and that’s why we’ve used this technology here.

Being a unique modified version, GTA Liberty City Stories APK includes the compressed size ratio. If the exact game completes in holding 1 gigabyte of storage, the modified version here will offer you all the exact features at just 600-700 MBs.

Offline Game Interface

Being an open-world game, the game includes a weighted privilege that it can offer you the entire interface enjoyment without asking for a single megabyte of your internet.

Yeah, you just need to install this game on your Smartphone and open it later, where you would glimpse a fully animated open-world interface on this modification. Moreover, this modification also delivers you a convenient initial interface to operate games easily.

Old Streets

Everyone seems like a gangster until the real gangster arrives! The exact thing you’re going to observe on this mild gaming interface of the GTA Liberty City Stories. You’ll have a gangster kind of old streets within the game interface.

Old Streets are the goosebumps-generating part of this modified Android game. You will have a broad view of the old-fashioned gangsters, with the old sedans, SUVs, and LMG weapons.

Animated Graphics

Graphics make virtual gaming more amusing than someone can ever think, and GTA games are mostly known for the animated graphics offered within their interface. So, stop waiting and download this modification ASAP.

The GTA Liberty City Stories MOD offers you a worthy gaming interface supported with animated graphics. Choose this game for making your gaming moments chiefly memorable!

Cheat Codes

Cheating isn’t illegal on the open-world Android games, it’s termed fun in the gaming words of Rockstar Games’ GTA series. While playing these open-world interfaces, you can use some codes for getting free premium benefits.

Fortunately, the modified version here, GTA Liberty City Stories MOD APK, includes the Cheat Codes within all the above features. Being a convenient game, it won’t let you struggle typing codes, but you’re supposed to just click those toggles to enable them and enjoy privileges.


GTA Liberty City is the coolest modified version ever developed for Rockstar’s old Liberty City season. You can’t ever have the best-animated overview of the liberty city than that of the GTA Liberty City Game, as it won’t just deliver you the exact game, but will also provide you with the free premium privileges and ultimate access without a single investment. Stop waiting, and start the adventure with this exceptional modification.

  • Usage: Install APK, Unzip Cleo menu, copy Cleo Folder to Main/Internal Storage, Give GTA LCS app permissions in app settings to access files & Media.
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